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Closing Companion Services

We offer these additional services:


Transaction Coordination

Seller Side Processing

Virtual Paralegal Service

Transaction Coordination a/k/a

Closing Companion Service

Introductory email to all parties

Accepted offers distributed for e-signatures

Add notable dates to Agent's calendar

Review purchase agreement, counter offers, all addendums

Ensure documents are properly and fully executed

Title insurance ordered

Survey ordered, if requested

Ensure Earnest Deposit submitted and received

OPRA ordered (NJ)

Confirm order and receipt of appraisal

Confirm appointments for all inspections are made and notify all parties

Remind agent of inspection deadlines

Prepare inspection requests

Obtain mortgage commitment and distribute

Ensure receipt, distribution and clearance of title work

Obtain list of utilities and distribute to appropriate parties

Obtain CO and Smoke Cert and distribute

Create commission statement and ensure statement, instructions & signed agreements are provided to title

Follow up with lender for Clear to Close

Schedule Closing

Review Alta/CD and send to client for review

Settlement email sent to client

Ensure scheduling of final walk through and notify all parties

Obtain closing documents from title

Upload disclosures, documents, reports into online management service throughout transaction

Upload compliance documents and commission information to agent's platform

Maintain constant interaction with all parties throughout transaction

Post closing review request for agent

Additional Items: 

WDIR for VA loans

Obtain HOA Documents

Obtain Solar Documents and ensure transfer process

Obtain Well Water Test results and Certification for distribution

Obtain Home Warranty documents and invoice to be paid at closing

Agent Responsibilities: 

Review Title

Confirm disclosures for compliance are provided

Schedule appointments - as a team effort with us

Attend Appointments

Negotiate repairs or contract changes

Advise client of contingency removals

Execute Agent Visual Inspection

Obtain Final Walk Through signatures


Virtual Paralegal Service a/k/a

Closing Companion Service

All of the above, and in addition: 

Bulk Sale Letter

Personalized service that fits your firm


Seller Side Processing

Create and Update MLS Listings

Review Contract, Addendums, Title

Order Payoffs

Clear Seller Side Title Issues

Provide attorney-prepared Sale Documents

Orchestrate seller document signing


Family Law Attorney Service

Title and Judgment Searches and examination, when necessary

Provide copies of recorded deeds

Document drafting and recording

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