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What Questions Should I ask my Realtor?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

One of the most common questions I get is, "What are good questions to ask my realtor?" Here is a list of questions I've put together that will help you in your home search.


What are the neighbors like?

Who provides TV, Internet, and Phone services?

How much are utilities in the hottest part of the summer and coldest part of the winter?

Is the home in a flood zone?

How old is the roof? air conditioning system? heating system? water heater?

What kind of heating system does the home have- and how much does it cost to heat the home? Some homes have an electric heat pump which can make an electric bill quite high. Homes with oil heat will have to fill the oil tanks. Find out how any times the owners have to fill up the tanks each winter and calculate the cost. You can find the cost of oil posted on oil providers websites.

How often does the power go out? How long is the average restoration time? Is the house on the same power line as a school, hospital, police or fire department?

Is there a homeowner's association? (This is not just applicable on condos!)

Is the home on a well or city water? Is the home on a spring? (This could make for a potentially wet basement.)

Does the home have a septic system or sewer?

Is there an underground oil tank?

Information on schools, like- Is the school within walking distance of the home? Is there a lot of community involvement in the schools? What is bus transportation like? *Find out if the buses service the home. Some bus companies won't service homes if they are under a certain mileage away from the school.

What is mail and package deliver like? Some homes are not allowed to have mailboxes and it can be difficult to get your mail when a company cannot deliver to a P.O. Box!



What is the best time of year to buy and sell?

How can I make an offer competitive when the seller is waiting to see multiple offers before responding?

Thanks for reading and checking out our TIPS pages! Tell us what you think below!

What questions do YOU wish YOU had asked your realtor before you purchased?

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